Trips in Belgium: SNCB doubles down on safety measures

Trips in Belgium: SNCB doubles down on safety measures
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As trips within the country, for one or more days, are allowed again in phase 3 of Belgium's exit plan, train company SNCB stresses the importance of respecting all safety measures.

Since 8 June, people are allowed to take trips to the coast, the Ardennes, or other places in the country again, as the country gradually phases out of its lockdown.

However, as more people will start taking public transport to do so, SNCB reminds all travellers to keep respecting the social distancing and safety measures.

People wanting to travel together during the summer can do so in groups of 15 to 50 travellers, and reservations need to be made 10 days before the trip at the latest.

Groups wanting to travel to the Belgian coast will not be able to reserve spaces between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM on weekends or during the holidays, and will have limited access during rush hours on weekdays as well.

All travellers aged 12 and older have to wear a face mask, or an alternative that covers their mouth and nose, when using public transport.

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"This means, from the moment you enter the station, as well as on the platforms and on board the train," the company stressed, adding that every passenger has to have their own protective equipment. "Securail and the police services are carrying out regular checks," the company said.

SNCB will not distribute or sell masks or hand gels to its customers, but several concessionaires in and around about 100 Belgian stations are offering hygiene products in their vending machines or shops.

People who refuse to cover their mouth and nose risk a €250 fine for not respecting the coronavirus measures.

The social distance of 1.5 metres between people of different bubbles should still be kept, as best as possible, both in the stations and on the train.

If possible, tickets should be bought via the app or the website. If you are buying one at the ticket machines or the ticket office, pay electronically.

Maïthé Chini

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