Flight resumption: 'full planes' at Brussels Airlines

Flight resumption: 'full planes' at Brussels Airlines
Credit: Belga

As Brussels Airport resumed its flights on Monday, Brussels Airlines reported that almost all its flights were full.

Brussels Airlines had 22 flights on 15 June, the first day that flights resumed. The first flight to Rome was scheduled at 7:30 AM, and booked full.

"Everything is going according to plan," said Dieter Vranckx, the CEO of Brussels Airlines, adding that he is satisfied with the resumption of activities. "After three months of inactivity, today is an important day. We have full flights almost everywhere. That is good," he added.

"All but one or two of the planes are full, which is normal in our business," said Vranckx. "Tourist destinations such as Malaga and Rome are booming. Business trips to Vienna and Budapest are also doing well," he added.

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According to bookings, people are not afraid to fly again. "They are increasing by almost 50% every week. There is a clear desire to travel, to discover other countries, to get out of Belgium," Vranckx said.

About the progress of the negotiations about the Airlines’ restructuring plan, and the €290 million in state aid it could receive from Belgium, Vranckx did not say much.

"These are difficult discussions. We are taking the time we need. The agreement has to be acceptable to the government, Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa (which is the parent company of Brussels Airlines). Sometimes things go faster, other times a little slower," Vranckx said. "That is normal. This is complex financing," he added.

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