Phase 4: What changes from 1 July

Phase 4: What changes from 1 July
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Belgium will go ahead with the next phase of its exit plan out of the lockdown from 1 July, announced Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès during a press conference on Wednesday.

"Before I start detailing Phase 4 of our exit plan, I want to come back to the gatherings in Brussels this weekend," said Wilmès. "We were all shocked. We have not finished with the coronavirus yet. We have to persevere. If I protect myself, I protect you too," she added.

"There are fewer and fewer rules, but they still have to be followed," Wilmès said. "So please, think about your health, and that of others. The virus is still in the country," she added.

Phase 4: 1 July

The 6 golden rules will continue to apply. Here's a refresher on what they are.

You can have closer contact with 15 people, instead of the previous 10. This can be 15 different people every week.

Swimming pools, wellness centres, amusement parks, casinos and gaming halls can reopen. Reception halls can also reopen, but for a maximum of 50 people, if they apply the protocols.

As previously announced, cultural activities can take place with an audience of up to 200 people indoors, subject to compliance with security measures. For outdoor events, 400 people will be allowed.

Going shopping no longer has to be done alone, and there will also no longer be a time limit. However, security measures, such as keeping your distance, must be followed at all times.

There is no longer a limit on the number of stalls allowed on markets, but social distance has to be kept at all times.

Wearing a face mask in public remains highly recommended.

1 August

Indoor events will be possible with 400 people, and outdoor events with 800, if the health situation permits it.

However, nightclubs have to remain close and mass events remain forbidden.

"Even if the situation normalises, the virus is still present," said Wilmès. "This summer atmosphere makes us all behave a bit more relaxed, but we still call to remain cautious. However, that should not stop us from enjoying what we got back," she added.

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