Brussels' coronavirus cases are doubling every two weeks, Crisis Centre says

Brussels' coronavirus cases are doubling every two weeks, Crisis Centre says
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Even though the increase in the number of new coronavirus infections across Belgium is slowing down, the figures in the Brussels-Capital Region continue to rise rapidly, health officials announced at a press conference on Friday.

750 new cases were recorded in the Brussels-Capital Region last week, an increase of about 50% compared to a week earlier, according to virologist and interfederal Covid-19 Steven Van Gucht.

"The numbers continue to increase. It comes down to a doubling of the figures every two weeks," said Van Gucht.

Additionally, despite an increase in the number of tests, we see that the percentage of positive tests also continues to increase. "This indicates a strong local circulation of the virus in Brussels," he added.

In the Antwerp province, however, the number of new infections is still the highest, with over 1,300 new coronavirus cases last week. "This is about a third of all cases in Belgium," Van Gucht said.

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However, contrary to Brussels, the increase in Antwerp is going down slightly, with 3% compared to the previous week, according to Sciensano's figures.

In the West Flanders province, the figures have also increased, but this is likely due to the local outbreak in the Westvlees factory.

The situation in the other provinces looks favourable, according to Van Gucht. "In Liège, too, we are seeing a decrease in the weekly average. Which is very good," he said.

However, to make sure the increase continues to slow down, everyone has to respect the measures, at all times, according to Yves Stevens, spokesperson for the National Crisis Centre.

"The virus knows no weekends or holidays. We urge everyone to keep respecting the 6 golden rules at all times," he said.

"Despite the weather, this is not the moment to go to the coast on masse. Gatherings, even on the beach, are to be avoided at all costs," Stevens said. "We know that this is not fun for anyone, but it is definitely necessary. Enjoy your weekend, but do it responsibly."

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