Coronavirus alarm at Zaventem airport: False alarm

Coronavirus alarm at Zaventem airport: False alarm
The main Brussels airport in Zaventem. Credit: © Belga

An alarm was raised at Brussels Airport on Monday morning after a plane landed containing three passengers who were suspected to be infected with the coronavirus.

The three passengers were suspected of having been in Wuhan, where they may have been infected with the coronavirus, Belga reports. However, after questioning the passengers on flight number HU759 from Hainan Airlines, it turned out to be a false alarm.

Following a medical by the Public Health Service it appeared that they were in good health, according to reports.

Earlier in the week, Belgian public health authorities have said they have taken every possible precautionary measure to deal with the threat posed by the outbreak, while there remains “a real chance” the infections could turn up in Belgium.

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“France now has three cases, and we know of one suspected case in Berlin that still hasn’t been confirmed, so why would it not be possible in Belgium,” Maggie De Block said, speaking on VTM News (video).

The three cases in France were confirmed at the weekend, and France immediately introduced medical checks at all airports for passengers travelling from China.

“Our sanitary authorities are very vigilant, we have excellent laboratories and reference hospitals, protocols in suspicious cases, we have informed all doctors and hospitals of the steps to take – in other words we have taken all available precautionary measures,” she said.

On Tuesday the first case of human to human contact in Europe was reported in Germany.

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