Ciara leaves, Dennis arrives: 80 km/h winds predicted

Ciara leaves, Dennis arrives: 80 km/h winds predicted
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As the damage settles from storm Ciara, European weather services have already warned of the arrival of Dennis, with winds predicted to peak at up to 80 km/h across Belgium. 

While a lot can change in the coming days, a storm is currently expected to land ashore in Scotland on Saturday, arriving in Belgium on Sunday or Monday. Predictions from within the UK have said that the storm will not be as severe as Ciara, but weather officials will continue to keep track.

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In Belgium, the storm ‘Ciara’ has officially blown over, but on Monday and last night, there were still strong gusts of wind of up to 90 km/h and thunder. Parks have remained closed across the country as people begin to clean up the damage caused by winds of up to 120 km/h. 

Weekend predictions

Current weather predictions from the Belgian Royal Meteorological Institute have said it will be overcast on Saturday with some rain, especially over the western half of the country. 

On Saturday night the chance of precipitation increases everywhere. The moderate south-westerly wind increases towards the evening to fairly strong to strong with then peaks around 80 km per hour. 

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