Raising retirement age ‘only way’ to keep pensions sustainable
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    Raising retirement age ‘only way’ to keep pensions sustainable

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    If life expectancy in Belgium continues to grow, raising the legal retirement age will be necessary in order to maintain a “financially sustainable” pension system, Antwerp mayor Bart de Wever said.

    “If life expectancy continues to grow, the age for legal retirement must grow as well”, de Wever said in a debate broadcast on the “Terzake” programme on Tuesday evening.

    De Wever, who also presides the far-right nationalist Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (N-VA) party, said the delay would be implemented on a monthly basis, instead of by whole years.

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    “It is the only way to make sure that [Belgium’s] pension system remains “financially sustainable,” he told his socialist counterpart, John Combrez, leader of Socialistische Partij Anders.

    The Flemish nationalist leader also said that the effective retirement age should also be pushed back.

    In Belgium, the legal retirement age is currently 65 for an individual who has worked full-time for at least 35 years, although this age can vary throughout different activity sectors.

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    However, a recent study by enterprise counter Acerta found that the average retirement age in Belgium was 61.9 years old, confirming previous 2017 findings that, among developed nations, Belgian workers were among those to retire the youngest.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times