Coronavirus: companies can’t force testing of asymptomatic employees
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    Coronavirus: companies can’t force testing of asymptomatic employees

    Credit: Belga

    Companies can offer their symptom-free employees to be tested for coronavirus but cannot force them to do so, De Standaard reported on Wednesday.

    “To offer tests to employees, companies can contact medical laboratories,” said Peter Poulussen, spokesman for Public Health Minister Maggie De Block. In this way, employees who do not show symptoms can also be tested, he confirmed.

    Companies cannot force staff members to submit to a test, however. The Federal Public Employment Service (FPS Employment) pointed out that “in general, no medical examination aimed at obtaining medical information on the state of health of an employee can be carried out” and that “systematic examinations are generally prohibited”.

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    In L’Echo, De Block’s cabinet stated that there was a plan “to allow tests to be carried out for patients outside the target groups, without reimbursement by Inami,” the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance.

    A price ceiling for these tests was set this weekend at €9.60 and a royal decree to this effect will be published.

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