Belgium adds new destinations to its orange travel zones

Belgium adds new destinations to its orange travel zones

Belgium has added new destinations to the list of orange travel zones where "heightened vigilance" is required, as coronavirus cases surge in parts of the UK, Austria and Poland.

Northern Ireland and the North West England have been added by the Foreign Affairs Ministry to the areas where travel is possible but under certain conditions and with increased vigilance.

Other orange travel zones in the UK already included Wales, the Midlands, the North East of England and Yorkshire.

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The state of Upper Austria was also marked orange, figuring alongside the capital Vienna, and in Poland, the southern provinces of Silesia and Malopolski were also added.

In the Czech Republic, the eastern Moravskoslezsky region, which borders Poland, was also added to the list, which already included the capital Prague.

Other destinations which had already been added to the orange travel zones include several regions in Spain (Extremadura, Catalogne, Aragon, the Basque Country, Navarra, La Rioja) and Portugal's Algarve region.

The entire territories of Sweden, Luxembourg, Bulgaria and Croatia are also marked orange for "heightened vigilance."

Orange travel destinations where travel is subject to specific conditions, such as quarantine on arrival or a coronavirus test, include Cyprus, Denmark, the Baltic countries, Ireland and Iceland.

Red-zone travel destinations remain the Spanish provinces of Lleida, Huesca and Aragon and over a dozen destinations across Portugal.

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