Volunteers offered €4,000 to be infected with the coronavirus

Volunteers offered €4,000 to be infected with the coronavirus
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British scientists are looking for several volunteers to infect with the coronavirus, as a part of a clinical trial to find an adequate vaccine.

Hvivo, the company that owns the Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre, a laboratory in the east of London, published a vacancy in which they were looking for 24 subjects who want to be infected, voluntarily, with two strains of the coronavirus, 229E and OC43, which are thought to cause, among other a things, very mild respiratory symptoms.

However, a vaccine that can combat these smaller symptoms, could possibly also take on the Covid-19 variant.

Volunteers will receive £3,500 (just over €4,000) for their participation and can find more information on Hvivo's trial on their website, aptly named 'FluCamp'.

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The subjects will be quarantined for two weeks, and their diet will be restricted during the testing. They will be monitored by doctors, have to take medication and will be tested.

Cathal Friel, the executive chairman of Hvivo’s parent company, Open Orphan, said it placed the company at the “forefront of the fight against the outbreak," according to local media.

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