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    Belgium offers hospitality sector 6% VAT cut

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    Belgium’s government’s Social and Economic Protection Plan includes various measures aimed at helping the hospitality and events sector, including VAT reductions.

    Under the plan, VAT would drop from 12% to 6% for meals, and from 21% to 6% for non-alcoholic beverages until the end of 2020.

    Restaurant expenses for businesses and independent consultants would be 100% deductible, up from the current 69%. The cost of receptions and other events would also be fully deductible from corporate and personal income tax.

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    Employers would also be able to purchase hospitality cheques for their employees up to a maximum of €250. These would need to be used in Belgian establishments, while they would remain valid for one year and exempted from social security deductions.

    Doing nothing for the hard-hit hospitality sector would be costly, according to an internal government note. The State could incur about €1.4 billion in lost revenue.

    The Brussels Times