Cheat-Sheet: Where can we travel to?

Cheat-Sheet: Where can we travel to?
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From 15 June Belgium officially reopened its borders to non-essential travel within Europe, but this new freedom is not as simple as it sounds.

Newly updated travel advice on numerous European countries aims to inform Belgians on the destinations that were reopening their borders to all travel. As it stands, however, it is far from guaranteed you can go where you want to. 

It's confusing, it's changing, but with that in mind, where can you go as of 16 June?

Open and unrestricted

Austria, France, Poland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are now open. Germany and the Netherlands too, but that has been the case since 30 May.

Sweden and Luxembourg are open, but were never closed to travellers from the EU throughout the coronavirus crisis.

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It's Complicated

Italy has been open since 3 June, but regions can still impose their own restrictions.

Portugal, on the other hand, has entirely reopened to air traffic - but border crossings will not be possible until June. 

Restricted, but open

Croatia is allowing tourists from Belgium, providing they provide proof of accommodation at the border, while the Czech Republic requires confirmation they tested negative for the virus.

For those looking to travel to Latvia and Slovenia, it is advised to check about possible restrictions, according to the Belgian foreign ministry.

Quarantine, but open

Anyone entering the UK from 8 June will have to self-isolate for 14 days or risk a fine of £1000.

Iceland, Estonia and Lithuania are asking for a similar measure from any Belgian travellers.

Still waiting

Spain will reopen its borders with all EU countries except Portugal on 21 June. Finland, Hungary, Malta, Romania, Norway and Ireland are also currently not allowing visitors.

Banned Belgium

Despite allowing flights from 29 countries, Greece is denying Belgians entry until 1 July. Cyprus, Denmark, Bulgaria, and Slovakia are also not allowing tourists from Belgium as of yet

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Update: this story has been updated to reflect the news of 16 June that Austria no longer has restrictions on travel.

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