Belgium named world's 4th largest producer of offshore wind energy

Belgium named world's 4th largest producer of offshore wind energy
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Belgium has reached an installed capacity of 1,775 MW of offshore wind energy, since the commissioning of the Northwester 2 wind farm in May, placing it in fourth place in the world.

Belgium ranks ahead of Denmark and the Netherlands, the Belgian Offshore Platform (BOP), the association of investors and owners of wind farms in the Belgian North Sea, announced on Monday.

The United Kingdom is the leading country in terms of offshore wind energy, with 10,428 MW installed, ahead of Germany (7,659 MW) and China (around 7,000 MW). Denmark, for its part, has an installed capacity of 1,703 MW.

"With its 1,775 MW production capacity, wind power in the Belgian North Sea provides the equivalent of the electricity consumption of 1.8 million homes," the BOP pointed out in a press release.

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When comparing the national installed capacity with the number of inhabitants, Belgium ranks third, this time after Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Belgium has an offshore wind capacity of 0.156 kW per inhabitant, compared to 0.296 kW/capita for Denmark and 0.158 kW/capita for the UK.

By the end of 2020, the largest wind farm in the Belgian part of the North Sea, SeaMade, will be fully operational. Belgium will then reach an installed capacity of 2,262 MW and an electricity production equivalent to the consumption of 2.2 million families, BOP expects.

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