UK to spend up to £100 million in massive no-deal Brexit campaign
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    UK to spend up to £100 million in massive no-deal Brexit campaign

    The UK are set to send a formal written proposal for a Brexit deal to the EU in the coming days. Credit: Belga.

    New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has instructed government officials to double down on preparations for a no-deal exit from the European Union as he prepares to launch a million-pound ad campaign set to be the biggest the country has seen in the post-war period.

    Johnson’s bid to beef up the government’s pro-Brexit communications strategy will see up to £100 million pounds poured into the public advertisement campaign in the next three months alone, according to reports by The Telegraph.

    “I can’t imagine there has been a bigger [communications] campaign than this since the War,” the British daily cites a government source as saying.

    “We are turbocharging preparations for no-deal Brexit,” another government official told the outlet, adding that no-deal preparations were the government’s “number one priority.”

    According to the paper, the advertising campaign will see no-deal Brexit information leaflets delivered to every home in the United Kingdom.

    News of the massive campaign comes after Johnson said he was determined to deliver Brexit by October 31, and after he instructed the government to go “into overdrive” for no-deal preparations at the weekend.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times