Lego launches bricks for visually impaired children

Lego launches bricks for visually impaired children
Credit: Belga

Danish toy giant Lego is launching bricks adapted for visually impaired children.

With Lego Braille Bricks the toy company wants to help visually impaired children to learn Braille writing.

“Each brick in the Lego Braille Bricks toolkit retains its iconic form, but unlike a regular Lego brick, the studs are arranged to correspond to numbers and letters in the Braille alphabet,” the company explained. “Each brick shows the printed version of the symbol or letter, allowing sighted and blind children to play and learn together on equal terms.”

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The special bricks will first be launched in Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, the United States and Great Britain. By 2021, they should be available in twenty countries.

Jason Spinks

The Brussels Times

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