'Batgirl' movie by Belgian directors unexpectedly scrapped

'Batgirl' movie by Belgian directors unexpectedly scrapped
Batgirl. Credit: Instagram/Adil El Arbi

The Warner Bros. company has unexpectedly cancelled the release of its upcoming superhero movie 'Batgirl', by Belgian director duo Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah, in cinemas as well as on streaming services.

The 'Batgirl' movie was based on the DC Comics character Barbara Gordon, and was initially intended for release on the streaming platform HBO Max. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, it was decided to release the film in theatres after all, but Warner Bros. has now scrapped it completely.

In a statement, Warner Bros. said that the cancellation is a "strategic choice" and does not reflect the talent of the actors and filmmakers, and explained that the studio wants to focus on bigger cinema films.

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In January, El Arbi and Fallah were filming on location in Glasgow with their lead actress Leslie Grace. The movie was nearly finished as filming had been completed, but there was still some editing work that needed to be done.

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Sources at Deadline and Variety also cited a financial decision for the shift: the film studio is struggling with debts and needs to make savings. A broad, worldwide roll-out of 'Batgirl' would cost tens of millions of extra dollars.

The rather abrupt decision certainly does not have anything to do with the talent of directors El Arbi and Fallah, or of actress Leslie Grace. Warner Bros. is reportedly already talking to them about new projects.

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