Bpost to test home parcel collection service

Bpost to test home parcel collection service
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On Valentine’s Day, Bpost is launching a pilot program where mail carriers will not just play cupid delivering parcels, but they’ll also start collecting packages directly from customers.

The new service is rolling out in select municipalities in all three Belgian regions, according to Belga News Agency. The program will run until 15 April. After that, Bpost officials will assess the popularity of the pilot program and consider whether to expand the service to the entirety of Belgium.

For customers, the benefit is avoiding a trip to the post office. For Bpost, the hope is the program helps cut costs by streamlining its parcel delivery operations.

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In 2020, Bpost handled about 5.78 million letters daily, and during peak periods before Christmas, processed 670,000 parcels daily, according to the Bpost 2020 annual report.

Bpost carriers will only collect properly stamped and fully labelled parcels, explained Veerle Van Mierlo, a Bpost spokeswoman. Also, mail carriers will only collect a parcel if they are already going to a customer. Mail carriers will not collect packages left in a home’s letterbox.

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