Bpost plans to merge parcel and letter services in Belgium

Bpost plans to merge parcel and letter services in Belgium
Credit: Belga

The new CEO of Bpost – Belgium’s primary mail delivery company and one of the country’s largest civilian employers – has decided to merge the company’s separate parcel and letter delivery services in Belgium, Le Soir reports.

Dirk Tirez, elected CEO earlier this year, took the decision as part of a drive to restructure Bpost’s divisions and streamline activity in Belgium. This will mean that parcel and e-commerce services (largely managed by the Parcels&logistics division) and mail delivery (Mail&Retail) will now be handled by the same management.

The changes come in response to the continuing reduction in the volume of letters, which hovers between 5 and 10% – around 31% lower than during the five previous years. By contrast, parcel volume increased by 56% in 2020.

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It is hoped that by merging the two services, this disparity in volume will be balanced and will share the workload more evenly between employees. It should also improve efficiency and lead to better management practice.

When asked for comment by Belga News Agency, Bpost itself gave no further details, simply stating that “the company doesn’t want to be dependent on letters and aims to strengthen its financial security in the long term.”

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