Belgium in Brief: A Michelin-starred dinner

Belgium in Brief: A Michelin-starred dinner
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For anyone looking to treat someone to a nice dinner, Belgium and Luxembourg are getting 16 new Michelin-starred restaurants this year.

The 2022 dining guide awarded a star to six more restaurants than last year, in a ceremony that took place three months later than initially planned due to the Covid-19 restrictions still in force in February.

Belgium and Luxembourg now have three restaurants with three Michelin stars (all in Belgium), 23 with two stars and 115 restaurants with one star.

Zilte (in Antwerp) and Hof van Cleve (in Kruishoutem), both run by Peter Goossens, were once again given three Michelin stars. Boury (in Roeselare) was given three stars for the first time. Meanwhile, the renowned Brussels restaurant ‘Comme chez soi’ will be losing a star.

An overview of all restaurants awarded Michelin stars can be found here. Let @Maajtee know if it was good.

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