Monkeypox vaccines arrive in Belgium

Monkeypox vaccines arrive in Belgium
Distinctive swellings caused by monkeypox infection. Credit: Belga

The office of European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakides, told Belga News Agency that 3,040 monkeypox vaccines were shipped to Belgium on Thursday.

Europe is widely regarded as the 'epicentre' of the novel virus, leading the European Union purchased 109,090 vaccine doses to combat this outbreak.

On Thursday, 3,040 doses arrived in Belgium, where there are currently 168 confirmed cases of Monkeypox.

According to the Cypriot commissioner, these deliveries will "protect Belgian citizens and respond to this outbreak." She also praised the European Health Emergency Response and Preparedness Authority's (HERA) quick response.

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"Within two weeks, we have financed about 110,000 doses and begun delivering them to the most affected countries, including Spain, Germany, Portugal and Belgium," the Commissioner added.

However, Kyriakides expressed concern about the growing number of monkeypox cases, as the World Health Organisation reported in recent weeks that the number of monkeypox cases in Europe had tripled, spreading to 31 European countries.

As a result, "more deliveries will take place in the coming weeks," Kyriakides concluded.

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