Monkeypox: 393 cases confirmed in Belgium, 133 in Brussels

Monkeypox: 393 cases confirmed in Belgium, 133 in Brussels
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The Sciensano Public Health Institute released their most recent findings for monkeypox, with 393 people having been found to be infected. Monkeypox was declared a 'non-risk international emergency' by the WHO on Monday.

More than half of these cases were in Flanders with 218, 133 were found in Brussels and 42 in Wallonia. A total of 393 monkeypox cases of monkeypox were confirmed in the country, 62 more than the previous week's figure of 331.

99% of these cases were from men aged between 20 and 71-year-old.

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Skin lesions (96%) were among the symptoms experienced by patients, while more general symptoms such as fever, general malaise, or swollen lymph nodes were experienced by 72% of those infected.

However, no deaths have been reported as a result of the virus.

Vaccination campaign

Because of the increasing prevalence of the virus in Europe, the EU has decided to purchase monkeypox vaccines, with more than 3,000 of them having landed in Belgium in early July.

They have also recently approved newer vaccines from European medical companies.

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