Flemish police shut down local DJ show outside nursing home

Flemish police shut down local DJ show outside nursing home
Two DJS set up a stage outside a nursing home in Maasmechelen, with police having to shut down the event as it drew over 100 people to a public square amid the coronavirus lockdown. Credit: Ludo Carreras/Facebook

Police in Maasmechelen shut down an unauthorised live music show organised by two local DJs and which drew hundreds of spectators just outside a nursing home amid the coronavirus lockdown.

On Sunday, a musical duo who go by the name "Crazy DJ's Oulle vs Richard," propped up a stage in the parking lot of a nursing home in Maasmechelen, a municipality near the Dutch border.

Police said that the event drew up to 150 spectators at one point and that the nursing home management "meant no harm and wanted to offer their residents a fun activity," De Standaard reports.

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Photos and videos of the event on social media show small crowds gathered on the small parking lot while the organiser play on the stage wearing face masks.

Separate photos show two men playing the accordion by the stage as people with face masks and medical gowns watch from inside the nursing home.

Sharing their event on Facebook, the organisers said that the nursing home wanted to "give its residents a nice Sunday afternoon, and the Crazy DJ's will take care of that."

After unsuccessfully asking the nursing home management to intervene, police shut down the event and sent the performers and spectators home, Het Nieuwsblad reports.

No reports indicate that fines were given out either to the performers or the attendants, but a police spokesperson told The Brussels Times that a written report was issued to the management of the nursing home.

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