Belgian woman rescued from kidnapper on remote Spanish farm

Belgian woman rescued from kidnapper on remote Spanish farm
Illustration picture shows two Guardia Civil officers. Credit: Outisnn/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

A badly bruised Belgian woman was rescued by Spain’s Guardia Civil from a farm in Málaga where she had been locked up after her partner kidnapped her.

The woman was able to call her brother in Belgium while her kidnapper was distracted, leading to the brother then calling Belgian police.

Police in Belgium contacted the Guardia Civil with only rough details of the woman’s location, and the latter combed the area until they found her in a remote farmhouse in Mijas, a municipality some 8 kilometres from the coast in the southern province of Málaga.

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The kidnapper, a 28-year-old Belgian national, had not tied up his victim but threatened to keep her from leaving, according to Spanish media.

The woman was found with a swollen eye and severe bruising throughout her body and it was not immediately clear for how long she had been held.

The woman’s brother said that the kidnapper, who will be referred to a local court, had issues with drugs abuse and psychological problem, HLN reports.

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