'Fries stands and DJ set': Police shut down 30-person company lockdown party

'Fries stands and DJ set': Police shut down 30-person company lockdown party
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Belgian police shut down a company lockdown party with approximately 30 attendees in Balen in the Antwerp province, for violating the coronavirus measures on Friday.

The party was organised for the end of the year, before most employees would take their leave, according to police spokesperson Robert Lehaen.

"About thirty people, including the manager, were present," he told Het Nieuwsblad. "Among other things, there were tables for people to stand around, and alcohol was served. There was also a DJ set, and two mobile fries stands."

When the police arrived, several people tried to run away. "Reports for some seven people, including the manager, could be written up," Lehaen said.

The two fries stands were confiscated, as were the installation and car of the DJ. "The public prosecutor's office was also contacted, and those present, plus the manager, will be summoned to appear in court," he added.

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The manager of the company was not aware of any harm, as his employees also come into contact with each other during their work.

"As far as I am concerned, we just did something that was well thought out," the manager told VTM News. "My people always work together in the hall. Now they drink a beer in front of the hall. What's the problem?"

However, among other things by serving alcohol, the company party was considered a lockdown party by the police.

"This is unheard of. If you and your family are only allowed to have one person over at Christmas and still have to be careful, then we find organising such events very difficult to understand. And the public prosecutor's office thinks the same," Lehaen said.

The employees, manager, DJ and owners of the two fries stands risk sentences of up to 3 months in prison, and fines of up to €4,000.

Maïthé Chini

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