'Huge' third wave in January if one-fifth of families break Christmas rules

'Huge' third wave in January if one-fifth of families break Christmas rules
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If one in five families invites too many people for Christmas, Belgium will see "a huge third wave" in January, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said on Sunday.

Responding to a question about if there could be a possibility to invite several people in your home for Christmas, but at a safe distance, De Croo resolutely said that there was not.

"There are models made by the experts, which are very clear," De Croo said. "For example, if one in five families invites four people to their homes at Christmas - which would be a fine number in normal times - we will have a huge third wave of infections in January."

"Only one in five not respecting the measure is enough," he added. "So, these rules are necessary, even though we are well aware that they weigh heavily on our spirits."

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During the press conference following the latest Consultative Committee meeting last Friday, De Croo once again stressed the importance of sticking to the rules this Christmas.

On 24 and 25 December, people can only invite one extra person into their household. People living alone can invite two people.

Inviting guests outside in your garden is allowed, but the total group size cannot be larger than four people.

The social distancing and hygiene rules have to be respected at all times, unless one of your guests is the ‘cuddle contact’ of one person in the household. With that person, respecting the social distance is not necessary.

“Please, keep Christmas small this year,” De Croo said during the press conference on Friday.

Maïthé Chini

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