Snowfall continues in Belgium ahead of cold weekend

Snowfall continues in Belgium ahead of cold weekend
Credit: Belga

Snow will continue to fall in Belgium on Thursday and Friday ahead of a drier but colder weekend, according to a forecast by Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

Rain and snowfall are expected in the Ardennes on Thursday afternoon, while the weather is set to clear up at the coast.

Maximum temperatures will range from 2 degrees celsius in the High Fens, to 3 degrees in the centre of the country and 5 at the coast.

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The snowfall will continue throughout the evening and night in the Ardennes, with some snow also expected in the rest of the country. Minimum temperatures overnight will be between -3 degrees and 3 degrees.

The snow is expected to continue to fall in the Ardennes on Friday as well, while the rest of the country will more likely see rain, with temperatures ranging from -2 to 3 degrees.

The weekend will bring mostly dry weather and skies are likely to clear up, but it will get colder, with temperatures as low as -3 degrees during the day.

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