My Van Ranst beats your Covid: Belgian creates coronavirus card game

My Van Ranst beats your Covid: Belgian creates coronavirus card game
Photo Credit: Kaan Ilbas

Quarantine has been tough on everyone, but it’s also prompted some creative solutions to the boredom of staying indoors – including the invention of a new card game.

Instead of fighting Covid-19 with masks and social distancing, players can lay down cards like Washing Machine and Marc Van Ranst to take on the pandemic.

The game was designed by Kaan Ilbas of Beringen, a city in Limburg.

“There is one pair of each card, except for the corona card,” Ilbas explained to VRT. “With at least three players, you have to see that you clear all cards as quickly as possible. Whoever is left with the corona card loses.”

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The idea came to Ilbas during quarantine, when he was looking for a distraction and creative outlet.

“I had a lot of frustration with the situation at the time. My girlfriend and I couldn’t see each other for months, which was very difficult. I tried to put the situation into perspective by being creative, and that’s how the idea came about.”

Ilbas said that he is considering sending a copy of the game to Marc Van Ranst, the professor and doctor that Belgium appointed as Interministerial commissioner for dealing with the pandemic, since his card is one that will help players defeat the coronavirus.

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