Belgian barbers can't cut beards until March

Belgian barbers can't cut beards until March
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The reopening of hairdressers - and barbers - may have been met with excitement from those who have gone months without a haircut, anyone hoping to get their beard shaped too will still have to wait.

While barbershops in Belgium are able to resume cutting hair from Saturday 13 February, anyone looking for a beard trim has to wait until next month, according to the information published in the ministerial decree published on Sunday.

Despite the minor nature of the changes to Belgium's coronavirus rules, just what a barber could be classified as continued to be a problem.

Under the new rules: Hairdressers can reopen as of 13 February, while non-medical contact professions can reopen as of 1 March.

Barbers fall under the former, providing they only cut hair.  Trimming beards, shaping moustaches, out of the question, according to the Moniteur Belge. Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) announced earlier that random checks will be made to see if the rules are being respected.

The rules for the reopening of hairdressers are:

  • 10-minute waiting period between two clients, so space can be cleaned and disinfected
  • Obligation to work by appointment
  • Clients must wait outside
  • Provision of sufficient ventilation, such as open windows and doors
  • Home services remain prohibited
  • There will be no 30-minute time limit per client, as had initially been suggested.

The other non-medical contact professions, such as beauticians, nail salons and massage parlours, will be under the same conditions once they reopen.

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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