Stonemanor closed for over a week after further stock issues

Stonemanor closed for over a week after further stock issues
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British supermarket Stonemanor will once again have to close its doors at both locations due to shipping issues leaving the store short on stock.

This temporary measure is the latest in a series of issues in the supply chain for the stores, which have long served Brits in Belgium everything from Irn-Bru and Dandelion and Burdock to frozen goods and toiletries they miss from home.

“We have still not received any deliveries from the UK, and our UK delivery is currently held at customs,” an update on the official Facebook page reads. Both stores will stay closed from the end of the day on 17 February until 10:00 AM on 26 February.

A recent deal with a butcher in Ireland has also suffered a blow after bad weather impacted shipping, leaving ordered supplies in limbo. The store had managed to stock sausages, bacon and black and white pudding when it reopened earlier this month, but is once again running low.

“Having the stores closed until Friday will allow our staff to get any incoming stock out and the stores looking good ready for 10am on Friday,” the message adds.

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This is not the first time the store has had to close since the start of the year in an effort to replenish stocks. On 6 February the story had to close for the first time in 39 years due to stock issues.

So today (6/2/21) marks the first time in 39 years that Stonemanor will close its doors, due to stock related issues. It…

Posted by Stonemanor-The British Store on Saturday, 6 February 2021

The food industry is feeling the ripple effects of December 31, 2020. Export of products from the UK to several EU countries has dropped, with companies struggling with various logistic procedures, including the arrival of new export documents, longer delivery times as a result of stricter custom checks, and alterations to supply chains.

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