Belgian commuters still favour the car to go to work

Belgian commuters still favour the car to go to work
Credit: Belga

Belgians still prefer to drive into work when it comes to commuting, a study by HR group Acerta suggests.

At the same time, an increasing number of commuters is discovering cycling, while fewer people opt for public transport.

Nearly 8 out of 10 trips from home to work (78.3%) were made by car, according to the study, while one in three respondents reported having cycled to work last year.

In total, 14.6% said they now exclusively cycle to work, a share that grew by 9.1% compared to the year before.

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"It is impossible to imagine mobility without the bicycle. The bicycle is a flexible, environmentally friendly means of transport and, thanks to e-bikes, employees can now also cover larger commuting distances," pointed out Acerta's mobility expert Charlotte Thijs.

"Part of its popularity may also be explained by the fact that governments have literally and figuratively cleared the way for cycling in recent years, with bicycle highways and better cycle paths increasing cycling comfort," Thijs added.

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