Culture and events sector sets own date for reopening

Culture and events sector sets own date for reopening
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The culture and events sector has created its own plan to restart their business step-by-step, proposing to begin from 15 April and ending with a full reopening of the sector on 1 September.

The proposed timeline is based on previous consultations with all stakeholders, authorities, and virologists to ensure that the second relaunch of these sectors runs safely, the Crisis Cell for Culture wrote in a press release on Thursday evening.

"A concrete date is now in order, this is the only right way to ensure that there is perspective for the artists, the cultural workers, and our audience,” the statement of the organisation, which includes several players from the sector, read.

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The proposition suggests opening the doors for events on 15 April with a limited capacity based on the size of the room, and to build up to a summer where 5,000 people can attend one same event by 15 June.

Finally, on 1 September, the organisation, which said it trusts in its expertise to follow this plan, expects the reopening of the sector in full.

"The protocols are ready and all the tools are in place to get started responsibly," said the Crisis Cell for Culture spokesperson Frederik Sioen.

The organisation argued this decision was made out of pure necessity, saying that ‘the sector is emptying out, poverty is developing and the immense negative long-term impact on the high quality of the sector hangs in the air.’

The statement also highlighted the need from the public for this reopening, as it 'offers necessary, safe, and professionally organised activities', and would be the ‘motivator people now need to persevere.’

Lauren Walker

The Brussels Times

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