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Non-Belgians involved in Liège brawl may be deported

Justice minister Vincent Van Quickenborne. © Belga

If non-Belgians were involved in the fatal brawl in Liège, they may be deported from the country, Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open Vld) said on VTM News on Sunday.

A massive brawl broke out in the Liège suburb of Bressoux on Friday afternoon between two rival youth gangs. A woman died as a result of injuries suffered during the fight, and 28 people were arrested.

According to French-language media, the fight was between young people of Kurdish and Chechen origin who live in Liège or Verviers.

Whether there were any non-Belgians among them remains to be seen, but if a judge deems that they are a danger to the public order, Van Quickenborne says they can be deported.

Heavy weapons were apparently used in the fight, and possibly a Kalashnikov assault rifle. At least two people were wounded.

I condemn the events in Liège. The public prosecutor’s office will investigate the facts. To the people of the neighbourhood: trust in the police who yesterday brought calm in difficult circumstances. Thanks to the police.

Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) thanked the police on Twitter for their intervention.

The public prosecutor will investigate the facts, said Verlinden, who called on residents of the neighbourhood where the riots took place to have faith in the police, “who brought back the peace in difficult circumstances.”

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