German bomb squad called to forest for suspicious sex toy

German bomb squad called to forest for suspicious sex toy
Credit: Belga

A police bomb squad was called to a forest near Passau in Germany on Monday following reports of a discovered hand grenade, which upon investigation was a sex toy in the shape of the explosive weapon.

A jogger discovered a bag containing the object in a forest near the border between Austria and the Czech Republic and warned local police, which determined it was a rubber dummy, according to reports from Der Spiegel.

"The search on the internet then confirmed the suspicion. There are indeed sex toys in the form of hand grenades. And this was the kind of thing we were dealing with here," the police said in a statement.

"To the relief of all involved, the police officers were quickly able to give the all-clear after arriving at the forest property," the police added.

Hidden or forgotten ammunition is often found across Germany, even more than seven decades after the end of the second world war. The latest example includes an incident in the city centre of Göttingen in January when more than 8,000 residents were evacuated from their homes after four World War II bombs were discovered.

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