Aftermath 'La Boum 2': 132 arrests, 12 people taken to hospital

Aftermath 'La Boum 2': 132 arrests, 12 people taken to hospital
Credit: Belga

Police arrested 132 people during the unauthorised "La Boum 2" event in Brussels' Bois de la Cambre on Saturday, which resulted in the park being evacuated and police using several water cannon.

Of the total number of arrests, 127 were administrative, and five were judicial, meaning they have to remain in jail for armed rebellion, threats to officers, and the sales of drugs, Ilse Van de keere, spokesperson of the Brussels Police Headquarters, Ixelles, told The Brussels Times.

"Fifteen people were given medical care by the Red Cross on the scene, 12 people were taken to hospital, of whom several were police officers, but they have been released from the hospital since," said Van de keere.

One person was reported to have been knocked over by a water cannon truck, however, Van de keere confirmed the person was knocked over by the jet of a water cannon. The police also reported damage to its vehicles.

All afternoon, the event attracted thousands of participants to the city's biggest park, and police started evacuating people around 6:00 PM after the site became too crowded and people stopped following the coronavirus fighting measures.

Most people attending the event left following police intervention, but small groups of people continued to defy the police, who were still trying to disperse the remaining participants until around 9:00 PM.

The groups then moved to Avenue de Boitsfort where several fires were set.

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