Jambon wants relaxations at next week's Consultative Committee

Jambon wants relaxations at next week's Consultative Committee
Credit: Belga/Olivier Matthys

Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon is in favour of introducing new relaxations at the next Consultative Committee on Tuesday 11 May.

More freedom for the culture and events sector will definitely be "on the agenda," on Tuesday, according to Jambon.

"That is why we did not take half a decision at the previous Consultative Committee (on 23 April), but waited for better figures," Jambon said on Flemish radio on Friday. "[Those figures] seem to be there now. I have looked at the plans that the sector itself is proposing, and they seem very realistic to me."

At the Consultative Committee meeting on Tuesday, the authorities will look at "what can be done in July, August and September" for the sector. "Especially with regard to large-scale events, which are very important for the cultural sector."

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"I understand their urge to perform again, to be on a stage again, to be allowed to play in front of an audience again," said Jambon. "But we did not take these measures lightly: it was important for public health."

Additionally, the complete reopening of the hospitality industry (for the indoor areas) will probably also be discussed on Tuesday, but Jambon remained cautious.

"It will be difficult to give an exact date on Tuesday, but June seems realistic," he said, echoing earlier comments from Interior Affairs Minister Annelies Verlinden.

The reopening of the terraces and the entry into force of the 'outdoor plan' tomorrow are "an important step," according to Jambon. "Hopefully, the weather gods will be kind to us, but it should not turn into 'la fiesta'."

"The precautionary measures remain in place, let's respect them," he said on Flemish radio on Friday. "Only then - if the figures are good enough - can we look ahead to the introduction of the indoor plan in June."

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