All vaccination invitations will be sent out next week in Wallonia

All vaccination invitations will be sent out next week in Wallonia
Credit: Belga

All invitations for the vaccination of people over 18 will have been sent out early next week in Wallonia, regional health minister Christie Morreale said on LN24 on Friday morning.

That means more than 2.5 million invitations in total will have been sent to the population of Belgium’s southern region so that they can be vaccinated against Covid-19.

In May, more than 850,000 people were vaccinated in Wallonia.

This pace should accelerate in June, when the millionth vaccination should be reached, according to Minister Morreale’s office.

Brussels just announced this week that residents of the Brussels-Capital Region who are over 36 years old can register to get vaccinated.

Antwerp used to allow residents to calculate their approximate vaccination appointment, but an update on 26 May explained that due to the decision of health ministers to temporarily stop using the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine for people under the age of 41, plus a pending update regarding the number of vaccines Pfizer will deliver in July, they can no longer accurately predict this.

“If the Janssen vaccine cannot be used or can be used less, it will be very difficult to vaccinate every adult Fleming for the first time before 11 July,” their vaccination website explains.

“As soon as we have more information about the availability of the different vaccines in the coming weeks, you will find here again the planning when which ages are discussed and when.”

The infographic still on their vaccination website suggests that over-18’s won’t be vaccinated until 12 July.


As of Thursday, more than half of the adult population in Belgium (52.1%) had received the first injection of a coronavirus vaccine, a figure that represents over 4.8 million people.

Of those, 2,270,506 people (or 24.6% of the adult population in Belgium) have received a second dose and are considered fully protected.

Hospitalisations and ICU numbers for the coronavirus have been steadily falling in Belgium.

The virus's reproduction rate is still estimated at 0.85. When it is less than 1, this indicator means that the epidemic tends to slow down.

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