Conings affair: one soldier suspended, several under review

Conings affair: one soldier suspended, several under review
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13 Belgian military personnel had their access to firearms suspended following the Conings affair and several have yet to regain their authorisation.

Furthermore, some are undergoing a judicial inquiry and one soldier is still suspended, Sudpresse reported on Wednesday, citing the office of Defence Minister Ludivine Dedonder.

"Some personnel are still undergoing an internal investigation: they are either being examined by a judicial inquiry or an in-depth evaluation of their conduct by the relevant security services. One soldier has been suspended for the duration of the investigation; the others continue to serve in their original units but in positions that do not require a security clearance or access to weapons and ammunition," the cabinet said.

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"The majority of those who were subject to preventive and protective measures saw these withdrawn following a thorough investigation and consultation with partner services (State Security and Federal Police). The persons concerned have been able to resume their functions without any restrictions", adds the same source.

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