Belgium in Brief: Got Travel Questions?

Belgium in Brief: Got Travel Questions?
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Travel may be starting once again - even Eurostar is getting back up to speed - but I have one thing to admit. Something which I think many of us share.

It's so hard to keep track of what I'm meant to be doing regarding travel.

My attention is on the UK, but I'd like to think we all have some common ground here. So:

Have you spent hours going through pages in various languages, only to not find your answer?

Have you called a line, only to sit on hold, then get no answer?

Are you gearing up for a trip with the kind of  "I think we got this" attitude that feels out of place in the current times?

You're certainly not alone, but what else is on your mind?

Let's hear your questions - and we can see if we can answer them based on what we know already. Let @johnstonjules know.

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1. More Eurostars between London and Brussels from mid-August

Eurostar plans to operate more trains from London to Brussels and to Paris from mid-August. Read more.

2. Most of France, parts of Italy turn red on European travel map

The map of Europe is turning more red again for travellers from Belgium, as several regions and countries change colour in the latest update by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Read more.

3. Belgian sports journalist suspended after inappropriate remarks about Belgian Cats

Belgian sports journalist for VRT’s ‘Sporza’, Eddy Demarez, is temporarily banned from commentating on programmes after making inappropriate remarks about the country’s female basketball team, the Belgian Cats. Read more.

4. Greece: Euboea in flames, fires north of Athens in remission

Firefighters in Greece, with ground and air support from other European countries, battled forest fires on Sunday for the 12th consecutive day. Read More.

5. Give Consultative Committee more power as ‘referee’, say liberals

The Consultative Committee should have more power in Belgian politics and give the Federal Government decision-making powers when regional governments do not agree, says Egbert Lachaert of the Flemish liberal Open Vld party. Read More.

6. Graffiti workshops transform flood wall in Antwerp port area

The long flood wall in the Antwerp port area was given a makeover this weekend from 500 participants of a graffiti workshop, who transformed the wall into a colourful welcome for people passing by on the Scheldt. Read more.

7. Facebook group Le Vieux BXL shares old photos of Brussels

A Facebook group has dedicated itself to sharing old photos of Brussels from throughout history. Read more.

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