'Get first shot before 10 September': last call for those who still want vaccine

'Get first shot before 10 September': last call for those who still want vaccine
Vaccination centre in Flanders Expo Ghent. Credit: Belga

People who have not yet been vaccinated but still want to be, should get their first shot in a vaccination centre before 10 September, according to the Flemish Agency for Care and Health.

The deadline to get a first shot in a vaccination centre is 10 September, because the Flemish centres are closing their doors on 15 October, and there should still be enough time for the second shot.

"Those who have not yet gone to a vaccination centre by then (10 September) are making it more difficult for themselves to be vaccinated afterwards," the Agency said during a press briefing on Friday.

The date of 15 October was agreed to close the centres, meaning that the funding of the vaccination centres by the Flemish government will also stop step, according to Administrator-General of the Agency, said Dirk Dewolf.

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Some centres are closing earlier already, as keeping them open even though the number of vaccines being administered is decreasing to such an extent that keeping all of them open is unnecessary.

In the runup to 15 October, closures will not just happen overnight, but centres may merge with others, or move to another (usually smaller) location, Dewolf explained.

"Our main concern is that there remains a vaccination option within each first-line zone," he said, adding that this way, the population always has at least one option.

How vaccination will take place after 15 October is still being considered, according to Flemish Welfare Minister Wouter Beke, who said that "we are working out a number of scenarios."

The outcome, for example, will also depend on the decision about who else will receive a booster dose, in addition to people with underlying conditions.

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