Belgian who won over €21 million with EuroMillions has not yet come forward

Belgian who won over €21 million with EuroMillions has not yet come forward
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The Belgian who won more than €21 million with EuroMillions on 31 August has not yet come forward, according to the National Lottery.

The EuroMillions jackpot of €63,644,284 was won in Tuesday’s draw, and three people, including one Belgian, had the right combination.

"The winner can come forward until 20 weeks after the draw," Joke Vermoere of the National Lottery told Het Laatste Nieuws.

The winning numbers were 5, 13, 17, 32 and 43, with 2 and 10 as the winning stars, and since the winner did not play online, there must be a ticket with the right combination somewhere.

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"Sometimes it takes until the last moment before someone shows up," she said. "If someone does not come forward, we also start looking for them ourselves through a call on social media, for example."

In the past, it has happened several times that the winner of a large sum did not come to collect it: in 2008, someone won €1 million but did not come to collect the winnings, and in 2016, a sum of more than €6 million was never collected.

"The money from uncollected win amounts goes into a pot for special draws, and thus flows back to the players," Vermoere said. "All the small amounts that are not collected also go into that. We use that for special draws, such as on a Friday the 13th."

Since EuroMillions started in 2004, 35 Belgians have already won the jackpot.

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