Belgium in Brief: They Can, But Will They?

Belgium in Brief: They Can, But Will They?

Another day, another development in Belgium's seemingly endless Covid pass (CST) saga. The most recent news is remarkably definitive, even if it has yet to come into force.

As of October, Belgium CAN use the pass in new situations, similar to France.

But the real question is WILL it?

From October, the CST CAN be required for persons of 16 years and above in hospitality venues, dancehalls and discos, sports clubs and gyms, commercial fairs and conventions, and associated cultural, festive and recreational gatherings.

That news, however, is far from a guarantee that anything WILL happen quite yet. Sorry, but I CAN be certain of that.

So when could it happen? And where?

All bets seem to be on Brussels.

"In principle, the current health rules apply until the end of this month. It would be good if we could make the transition to October," said Zeynep Balci, spokesperson for the Brussels minister-president, on Wednesday.

Yet before this can happen, several steps will be necessary. The cooperation agreement still has to be approved by the consultative committee, which could be held virtually this Wednesday.

Then the Council of State must be consulted, which will pave the way for a debate in the Brussels Parliament. It will then be up to the Brussels Government to determine which sectors will be affected.

And does that mean anything WILL change?


But recent developments in Brussels (see below) indicate that they almost certainly will, once the legal framework has been put in place. How far CST use will extend beyond the capital is, predictably, less clear.

So, would you take issue with a CST becoming commonplace? Do you think it should be in the whole country? Let @johnstonjules know.

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