Climate Coalition will take to the streets of Brussels in October

Climate Coalition will take to the streets of Brussels in October
Credit: Climate Coalition/Facebook

Organisers of a climate march in Brussels are hoping to attract thousands of people to the city's streets on 10 October, more than a year since the last march in the city. 

Organised by the Climate Coalition, the march will see over 80 organisations from across Belgium convening in Brussels, including 11.11.11, Oxfam, and Youth For Climate.

"The message is simple: we demand ambitious, solidarity-based and coherent measures," Zanna Vanrenterghem, vice-president of the Climate Coalition, said in a statement. "We need a Belgian Green New Deal and we propose more than 100 concrete solutions to make it happen."

In a published statement, the group highlighted events of the past year - notably wildfires across southern Europe and floods in Belgium and Germany - which show that it is now more important than ever to take decisive action to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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"This year, extreme weather in Belgium and around the world (floods, forest fires, heat waves) has already taken many victims and destroyed valuable nature. Decisive policies are needed to minimise the impact, starting with the most vulnerable. Moreover, the historic ruling of the Climate Case and the publication of the new IPCC report this summer have given an unprecedented signal to tackle the causes of climate change and to change the course of Belgian climate policy." 

"The tough climate actions of the past few years have put the climate crisis high on the political agenda. Now is the time for politicians to turn their promises into concrete action," added Vanrenterghem. 

This march comes ahead of the European summit on 21 - 22 October and the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow at the beginning of November. All participants in Brussels have been asked to respect the health measures during the march. 

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