Kanye West welcomed to Belgium with satirical tourism board rap

Kanye West welcomed to Belgium with satirical tourism board rap
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A Flemish satirical TV show has decided to welcome Kanye West to Wijnegem after reports the American rapper bought an apartment in the city.

“Karel and Gunther of the tourist office of Wijnegem” set out to welcome and inform West now that he has an attachment to their city in the skit, created by Flemish TV show De Ideale Wereld.

“Welcome to Wijnegem, Kanye West. The most beautiful municipality in the Flemish region,” the comedians rap.

When showing off the municipal swimming pool, Gunther tries to rhyme “you can put your sweatpants in this locker, but don’t forget your 2 euros, motherf-” before being interrupted by his colleague, who reminds him that they are “the municipality of Wijnegem, we are going to welcome him. No dirty words.”

The video goes on to show off the “highlights” of the city, located in the Antwerp region. The library, the culture hall and the shopping centre. It also teaches West the days to take out the garbage, and which items go in which bags, a vital skill for any newcomer.

And for those thinking Wijnegem would be difficult to rhyme with, the duo succeeded. “What’s my Jam, Wijnegem. Follow us on Instagram, Wijnegem.”

It all goes well until an overzealous Gunther drops the mic with the line “Gunther Out.”

“Come on, Gunther, watch out. This stuff is owned by the municipality, man. Don’t break it,” Karel warns him.

So What’s The Story Behind This?

West has made headlines in Belgium last week after reports that he has been spotted near Antwerp, and has potentially purchased an apartment. 

According to local media, West may even have bought a place in the Kanaal complex in Wijnegem, a former jenever distillery now converted into Belgium’s largest private art gallery. Kanaal is yet to confirm this, but locals have said the rumours have circulated for a long time

West was also reportedly spotted in the area, with one resident saying he met him while walking out his dog. 

“I asked him if he happened to live in the area, whereupon he looked at me in surprise for a moment. He then said that he was staying with Axel Vervoordt and that his name is Kanye West. I looked at him somewhat sheepishly, whereupon he asked me if I did not recognize him,” the man explained to local media.

“I think Kanye thought it was funny, that I had absolutely no idea who he was. When I got back home, I googled his name for a while and realized that I had indeed been talking to a world star. And that I am probably the only Belgian who had never heard of him until recently.”

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