Brussels missed target of 65% vaccinated by the end of October

Brussels missed target of 65% vaccinated by the end of October
The vaccibus in Brussels. Credit: Belga.

With 57% of its population currently vaccinated, the Brussels-Capital Region has fallen far short of its target of vaccinating 65% of residents by the end of October, reports L'Echo on Tuesday.

The vaccination campaign in the Brussels-Capital Region is still lagging behind the other regions. The number of vaccinated people is 57%, while Wallonia has passed 70% and Flanders 80%, Belga News Agency reports.

The 58% mark should be reached in the next few days in the Brussels region, as about 1% is gained each week. "The fact that the first doses are still being administered, to be followed by the second, is a good sign," explained Inge Neven, the head of the Brussels health inspectorate.

From now on, however, there will be no more talk of a target.

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"We are in for the long haul. What will the ceiling be in Brussels? I can't answer that! I prefer to see that among the 65+, we have largely exceeded 80% and we continue to gain percentages, particularly by moving the vaccibus into neighbourhoods that we had not yet reached."

For the time being, the campaign strategy remains unchanged.

"We are targeting certain places, sending prevention officers there first to talk to the population. We are setting up outreach points for the elderly. As long as the numbers increase, we will continue with this method," Neven added.

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