Marc Van Ranst criticised for dancing at Covid-Safe party

Marc Van Ranst criticised for dancing at Covid-Safe party
Credit: Belga

A video of Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst dancing at a party in the Moroccan consulate in Hoboken, Antwerp, has circulated in Belgian media this week, prompting criticism that the expert was not following the rules.

Van Ranst, however, has said the party complied with all the necessary rules. "It was a CST event, while strictly speaking that was not necessary. I also always carry my CO2 meter to measure the air quality," he explained, GVA reports.

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One of the many critics of the video was Vlaams Belang member of parliament Dries Van Langenhove, who took to Twitter to share his views.

“On Friday Marc Van Ranst said that we should again limit our essential social contacts. On Saturday evening Van Ranst is dancing among people at a party in Hoboken to commemorate the Green March. When I did an outdoor BBQ with friends just before it was allowed again, it was whipped up in the media for days. Now they remain silent,” Van Langenhove said.

"The difference: you were in violation of the rules in force at the time. I just follow the rules that apply to everyone (here: CST, ventilation, CO2 measurement)," Van Ranst replied.

"And so we dance," he added.

The party – with food, drinks, music and dance – was held to celebrate Green March Day, an official holiday commemorating the occupation of Western Sahara, on 6 November.

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