Belgian consular workers dispatched to Ukraine border

Belgian consular workers dispatched to Ukraine border
Credit: Belga

Following the closure of Belgium's embassy in Kyiv due to threats posed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Belgium will send teams of consular workers to Ukraine’s border to assist Belgians currently fleeing the country, Belgian Foreign Affairs' announced on 28 February

Consular staff will be present at several key border crossing points with European Union member nations. This includes the Medyka border point with Poland, the Košice border crossing with Slovakia, and the Suceava crossing with Romania. For non-EU nation Moldova, consular services will be open to Belgians at the honorary consulate in Chisinau. 

The Belgium Government now advises Belgian citizens to only leave their current place of refuge in Ukraine if it is safe to do so, staying indoors and away from windows. If it is not safe for Belgian citizens to remain in place, they are advised to find places to shelter nearby. Belgians are only advised to leave the country if they can do so safely. 

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The Belgian Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs can be contacted at 025014000 to advise and give limited assistance to Belgian citizens fleeing Ukraine. 

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