Flemish broadcast marathon raises almost €18 million for Ukraine

Flemish broadcast marathon raises almost €18 million for Ukraine
People visited the studio to talk about the situation in Ukraine and what can be done to help. Credit: StuBru

A marathon broadcast by various Flemish media companies raised around €17.78 million for all aid organisations united under Consortium 12-12 which help people affected by the war in Ukraine.

The provisional total amount raised by Ukraine 12-12 will go to a group of seven aid organisations active on the ground and in Ukraine's neighbouring countries, which will deploy the funds that have been collected where they are most needed. In the first place, it will mainly go to basic needs for refugees: clean water, clothing, food, health care and shelter material.

"We are really experiencing an enormous wave of solidarity. That is great and necessary. Because every euro counts in providing emergency assistance to the civilian population in Ukraine and neighbouring countries," Gilles Van Moortel, coordinator of Consortium 12-12 said.

The aid organisations in the consortium are Caritas International, Doctors of the World, Handicap International, Oxfam-Belgium, Plan International Belgium, Red Cross Flanders, Croix-Rouge de Belgique and Unicef Belgium.

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From 06:00 to 21:00 on Thursday, radio stations Studio Brussels, Radio 2, MNM, Qmusic, Joe and Nostalgie organised a marathon broadcast from the Groenplaats in Antwerp, during which attention was drawn to the situation in Ukraine, the refugee issue and the ways in which people in the region can help.

Several artists, including Laura Tesoro, Novastar, Bart Peeters, Meau and others also took to the stage for live performances. During the evening, for the last 1.5 hours, TV channels Eén, VTM and Play4 took over with a joint benefit programme.

People can continue to support the victims of the war in Ukraine through Consortium 12-12 via the account number BE19 0000 0000 1212 or via the 1212 website.

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