Survey: Belgians worried by rising prices and energy supplies

Survey: Belgians worried by rising prices and energy supplies
Woman in a supermarket. Credit: Belga

Energy supplies and the power of purchase are the biggest challenges for Belgium, according to respondents in a new survey from Eurobarometer.

The European Commission survey was based on answers from more than 1,100 Belgians since the start of 2022. 40% of Belgians were concerned about rising prices, inflation and cost of living for the country as well as for themselves.

A previous survey from the summer of 2021 uncovered that the environment and government debt were at the top of the priority list. Those concerns have dropped to respectively 19% and 15%. However, Belgians are more worried about the environment at 36%, compared to the EU average of 26%.

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Belgian confidence in local and regional government remains stable at 58%, according to the barometer. Yet confidence in the Federal Parliament drops to 40% and falls even further in the Federal Government at 37%.

Faith in the EU was at 46% for those polled; however, Belgians were satisfied with the EU's measures concerning the coronavirus pandemic. 59% of respondents think that the restrictive measures were justified.

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