De Lijn launches 50-ride pass to 'meet demand for flexibility'

De Lijn launches 50-ride pass to 'meet demand for flexibility'
A tram in the centre of Ghent. Credit: De Lijn

Flanders' public transport company De Lijn has announced the temporary launch of a 50-ride ticket in response to people's travel patterns "becoming more flexible."

People's lives have changed dramatically in recent years, the company stated, and with it, their travel patterns have become much more flexible, for example, with an increase in the number of people regularly teleworking. To meet this demand for increased flexibility, the company will temporarily make it possible for passengers to buy 50-ride tickets.

"There is an increasing demand for flexibility in our daily mobility. This is certainly true of our transport companies' season tickets; commuters want to be able to use these more flexibly," Lydia Peeters, Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works, said in a statement.

"In this way, De Lijn is responding in a customer-focused way to the new normal, in which daily travel patterns can sometimes change for a variety of reasons."

'Cheaper and easier'

According to the company, this new ticket "combines the advantages of a season ticket with the flexibility of a rideshare," and is the solution for people who travel by tram or bus on average twice a week.

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"With this ticket, travellers receive 50 trips to use De Lijn easily, inexpensively and flexibly for three months."

The purchased ticket, which is available on an electronic card and digitally, will remain valid for up to three months after it is bought and will cost €75 instead of €85 for 50 single journeys.

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