'Enough is enough': Overseas US citizens urged to vote for stricter gun laws

'Enough is enough': Overseas US citizens urged to vote for stricter gun laws
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Following the latest school shooting in Texas earlier this week, the official organisation of the Democratic Party for US citizens living abroad Democrats Abroad, is urging Americans in other countries to take action to implement stricter gun laws.

In response to the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde (Texas) on Tuesday, when an 18-year-old fatally shot 19 students and two teachers with weapons he acquired legally, Democrats Abroad urged the over six million Americans outside the US to vote to change the country's gun laws.

"We extend our deepest sympathy to all those impacted by these tragic events and resolve to fight every day for a country where everyone feels safe. However, it is not enough to be horrified by these events," said DA International Chair Candice Kerestan. "We must act. Enough is enough."

In the past ten days, the US has had 17 mass shootings with a total of 43 killed and 79 injured. Two of them – in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas – made global headlines. In both cases, the 18-year-old suspects acquired assault weapons legally, Kerestan stressed.

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The Democrats Abroad organisation deplores "Republican lawmakers’ failure" to enact legislation that would protect people. "Why do we continue to allow opponents of gun control to stand in the way of legislation that would prevent innocent lives from being taken during their daily routines?"

Since 2009, there have been 274 mass shootings in the United States, resulting in 1536 people killed and 983 wounded. Additionally, 77% of all mass shooters in the US since 1966 used weapons they purchased legally.

"Americans need to break that cycle – and legislators who will prioritise our children’s lives over money from the gun lobby. It is time we acknowledge that what we are doing is not working," said Kerestan.

She stressed that the six million Americans outside the US "can do more than offering heartache, thoughts and prayers," as they "can be the margin of victory" and vote to elect "Democrats who will stand up for the American people, against the gun lobby, and for sensible gun legislation."

Kerestan also stressed that American citizens abroad can still call their Congressional Representative and US Senators to demand they take action on guns and gun violence.

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